Before Photos!

I found these pictures that I took the first day I started invisalign.  You can see in these how my teeth had tipped to meet each other.  My teeth were not very crooked to begin with because I had braces when I was younger.  I'm shocked when I see these at how crooked my teeth were because it never bothered me at all.  

you can see why my teeth got worn down in the places they did
Notice the ridges on my bottom teeth.  Those are supposed to be worn away due to scraping against the back of the front teeth.  Not for me!  My top teeth also have ridges on the bottom. 

This is me smiling while forcing my jaws shut.  I normally smiled with only my top teeth showing and dropping my lower jaw. 

These were taken within a month before my jaw surgery.  These are pictures of my before bite, profile, and face w/o makeup or frills. There are a lot because I was trying to give a good feel for what I look like so you can compare the after pics well.  I tried to be thorough bc I hate when you don't get a good feel for the person's features when you see the after pics.  Also I'm wearing a strapless shirt...I promise!

This is what I look like normally.  I don't often wear my hair up like I am in most of these pics.

I can't remember if I'm holding my teeth closed or not during these first few, but it was before I thought to take photos of each.  It's probably just natural and slightly open.

just so you can see all angles of it?
not the worst bite, but it's not great.  You can kind of see that the bottom teeth are still tipped in a little bit bc of trying to match up with the top.
a more natural shot.  this is what I look like when I'm not doing all these angle pictures.  When I smile I drop my lower jaw down so it doesn't look as harsh.  my bottom teeth are not visible.  I wonder what it'll be like after.
you can see the "inversion" here.  You can also see that at the corner of my lips, my face juts out a little from the teeth being too far forward.
biting together which is unnatural for my bite
normal "at rest" state

I can see the places where my teeth have worn down strangely due to my teeth being in the wrong places.  You probably can't see it, but I know where to look :)
bottom teeth tipping in trying to meet my top teeth.
top teeth and palate that is wide enough :) I feel so lucky that was taken care of when I was younger.
my top teeth are still tilted forward trying to meet my lower teeth.  I hope that won't interfere with the outcome, but they're experts, I'm sure they'll notice
yay last one! Now you know what I look like :)

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