Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 11- I see contours

Yesterday was day 11.  Contours started to show up about two days ago on the outside of my face and they've slowly moved in and now they're really here!!!  I massaged my face throughout the day yesterday and at night I went to a movie.  I saw my reflection after the movie and I was so shocked.  I don't know how to explain my feelings, but it's a mixture of shock, awe, gratitude, and just general disbelief.  I think it's mostly that I can't believe how I look.  I finally look how I always expected I would look when I looked in the mirror, but it wasn't ever true.  Now it's true and I feel nervous to even get my hopes up.  It's that unreal.  

I was at the movies with my friend Meg who I stayed with post-surgery and my other best friend Kristy who came to visit almost every night.  They were so shocked to see how much less swollen I am and they said I look great.  

Earlier yesterday I had been wearing my hair in a bun to keep it off my face because I was sweating.  When it was time to go out, I put my hair down as I normally would, but it had the tell-tale creases in it from being up.  Pre surgery, it would've been unacceptable for me to put my hair back up and I would've put water in it so it would get smooth.  Last night, however, I did the unthinkable; I put my hair in a pony tail and added a headband!  I have so many headbands, but would always want to wear them so that there's still hair falling and covering some of my face so it looked a little funny.  I wore a headband last night and my hair up.  I can't believe how free this makes me feel.

I came home and took pictures and the same feelings of disbelief came up again.  I don't even know how this happened, in reality I do, but it's just too good to be true. 

smile's still a little crooked


  1. Hi I was just looking through your blog & was stunned with your results! I have the same problem you had, the class 3 jaw. Well, I've seen a couple doctors & they all suggested surgery, but with that, the braces. Which I refuse lol, so I was wondering if I could get the name of your doctor who did the invisalign pre & post surgery? It would mean A LOT. If you can please email me at my names Tamara btw :) Thanks!

  2. Hi Tamara, I'd love to help you, but what state or even country do you live in? I live in Maryland in the US. If you don't live anywhere near here, it may not be very feasible for you to see my doctors. I've recently seen more people that haven't had braces with their surgery so maybe it's becoming more of a common practice. I think it also depends on how severe your case is going into this process.